No More Fatigue

LATEX Foam with 7 Zone

It is a natural, light and high-strength substance that is produced from rubber. By means of its spongy texture, it both provides air circulation, and it enables stabilized comfortable sleep by applying pressure on the body from the 7 different zone.

Motion Comfort

Pocket Spring System

The springs are placed into the mattress in independent pockets and this technique provides noise insulation. In addition, independent moving springs help distribute the body pressure equally to the mattress. Keeping the spine shape in the right position provides a comfortable sleep. Couples are less affected by each other’s movements during sleep.

Pure Breath

APF/Air Permeable Fabric

It is designed with an excellent knitting technique for a cozy sleep.  This technique has a structure that provides 3-d elasticity, air-permeability, moisture regulator, and weight compensator by using cross weave system. Your bed literally breathes through this special air permeable fabric, and it prevents unpleasant smell by providing air circulation. Thus, the quality of your sleep increases.

Bambi Yatak