The Most Natural Way To Avoid Stress

Magnetic Black Sand

Meet Magnasand Teraphy which is engaging you with the therapeutic miracle of mental and physical therapy.

The Magnasand Therapy bed has magnetic black sand that ancient people have been healing for centuries. Although it was found in very few regions in the world, this healing sand that has roughly 20 minerals was discovered in secluded coasts of the Black Sea.

Unlike other sands, the magnetic black sand comprised of the combination of mineral grains, also has effects that are regulating bio-energy and balancing life functions. During sleep it regulates the magnetic irregularity, which is increased due to the radiation of the technological devices, and tough conditions of the urban life you are exposed during the day; by allowing the magnetic waves to pass through the tissue. While your body gains strength against psychological disorders, such as stress, and depression, by dint of the activation of the body’s repair mechanisms, it helps to repair the physical ailments caused by circulatory disorders.

Magnetic Black Sand


Ünye Magnetic Black Sand


Magnetic Sand Blend

Special Foam

The magnetic black sand is subject to different processes is mixed with the foam by a special technique. This foam in the comfort pad of the Magnasand Therapy bed provides a magnetic field which helps to reduce the stress level in the body. In this way, it relieves your stress as well as providing a comfortable sleep.

Back Support Cushion With A Special Mechanism

Gain The Comfort By A Single Touch

The special sponge texture which has a soft effect on each contact and the back support mechanism that you can adjust with a single touch allows you to have a comfortable time in your bed, not only for sleep but also for anytime that you are on the bed.

Velvet Effect

HyperSoft Foam

HyperSoft Foam is a special type of sponge that is softer and has higher flexibility than the feather foam. It helps to get the shape of the body easily. The HyperSoft foam used in the quilting is intended to provide a soft touch to the skin and a velvety touch feel.

Motion Comfort

Pocket Spring

Another feature of Magnasand Therapy that makes it easy for you to start your day is Pocket Spring Technology. In this technology, since the springs in your bed are placed so that they do not touch each other, your body pressure is distributed evenly in the bed without being collected at certain points. This placement, which helps your spine shape to stay in the right position throughout the night, replaces a tired day that you wake up with body aches; leaves an energetic day that feeling rested. At the same time, the independent positions of the springs which allow the couples to exercise their freedom of movement during the sleep, provide you an uninterrupted sleep comfort.

Magnasand Neclace Is a Gift In Its Spesical Box To The One Buys Magnasand Therapy Mattress.

Magnasand Necklace is made of magnetic black sand, which contains roughly 20 minerals, is discovered off the coast of Ünye, it provides your body to relieve the stress, and it is subject to the special proccesses, besides, is produced by hand-workmanship.

Magnasand necklace is a gift in its special box, including the adjustable cord. 1 necklace is a gift to the one who buys Magnasand Therapy single mattress; 2 necklace are gifts to the one buys Magnasand Therapy twin mattress.

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