Motion Comfort

Pocket Spring System

The springs are placed in pouches in independent bags. Sound insulation is provided on this board. Also, independently acting springs help to distribute the body pressure equally to the bed. Keeping the shape of the spine in the right position provides a comfortable sleep. Couples are less affected by each other's movements during sleep.

Experience extra comfort

Comfort Padded

The high-density sponge used for the pad is supported by the spine. The increase in sponge height further increases comfort. Partially separated from the springs, the pad layer gives a softer ground feel due to the thick sponge. Your bed gives you both the durability of the publication and the comfort of the thick sponge layer.

A soft touch

Feather sponge

Feather sponge is a very soft and flexible special sponge. It gives the body a soft touch. The quilted sponge used in the Kapitonede consists of a soft texture of quilting.
Bambi Yatak