Mini Bambi

Mini Bambi

Mini Bambi

Special Inclined

Baby Mattress

The muscle development of babies continues until the 6th  month, therefore the stomach valve cannot do its duty and the stomach contents may flow back into the throat. Mini Bambi sorts out the problem thanks to its special incline, and it gives your baby a safer and more comfortable sleep.

Pure Breath

APF / Air Permeable Fabric

Air Fabric’s surface contacting the body is produced from 100% cotton, which has a high-absorption capacity, and it also balances the body temperature by carrying the temperature out of the body.

It is used an excellent knitting technique in air fabric to ensure you to obtain a quality and comfort sleep. With the cross weave system, it has a 3 dimensional flexibility, air-permeable, moisture regulating, and weight balancing structure. Thanks to special air-permeable fabric your mattress breathes, and it prevents the malodour by supplying air circulation even in your smallest movement. By means of this, your sleep comfort increases.

Immaculate Sleep

Waterproof Removable Pad with Zipper

Different than the other mattresses, the pad on the mattress has a zipper, and it also can be removed and washed. It provides not only a relax and comfortable sleep but also a hygienic and healthy sleep.

The membrane used under the pad extends the life of the mattress  with its waterproof feature, and it blocks the unpleasant smell.


Control Technology

Probiotics, which are positioned in microcapsules, do not give any place on the mattress surface to microorganisms that cause diseases. It helps to prevent the occurrence of mould and fungus. It hinders the condensation of allergens which may lead to allergic reactions and asthma. It provides a permanent safe and natural hygienic environment through its daily renewed effect. It reduces the occurrence of stain and unpleasant smell.

A Soft Touch

Feather Foam

The feather foam has a very soft and flexible special structure. It provides a soft touch when the body contacts it. The feather foam consisting the basis of the mattress supports the babies’ bone growth accurately.

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